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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let There Be ART!

Tonight me and my hubby went out for a night on the town at the Columbus Museum to support local and surrounding artistsThe art was good and the open bar made it even better! Ha!  I even managed to get my husband out on the dance floor for "Mustang Sally". I saw the peace sign painting by an upcoming artist and wanted to buy it, but Cale told me to wait, but I am pretty sure I'm going back Tuesday to buy it!  It fits my little Hippy Heart.

These shoes are adorable to me and I keep them every time I am cleaning out my closet, but let me tell you, they are NOT comfortable.  Especially, while standing for 2-3 hours on the hard museum floor.
This is one of Cale's cousin's paintings, Teil Duncan..  Isn't it good!  All of her paintings sold.  Go Teil!
 Paintings were anywhere from $200-$30,000.

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