Sunday, January 30, 2011

Put it on my tab.....

Okay, so after heading off to Atlanta to see some of my run away girlfriends I came home and did a little shopping with the husband. You may ask, what was on the list of things to buy,  and the answer you would get....a whoopee cushion. Ha!  Okay so obviously we did not expect to get this, but being the kids we are at heart it made it into our basket at Pier 1 along with some other toys.  Our plan is to get the wonderful wooden patio we have turned into a relaxing escape from our hard day at work.  So what better to add to our hammock, fire pit, and stylish tin drink tubs for our friends...TOYS! I can think of a few that will laugh at this.

I also found this perfect little chair to get our computer room renovation started.  Isn't it adorable!

 Stay tuned to see the before and after picture of this room. Yay for a new project! And what better to motivate some good projects? ....MUSIC!  Which brings me to my next very cool purchase of the weekend that I highly recommend everyone to sample on or just trust me and buy them. ROLLING STONES-LIVE LICKS, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS GREATEST HITS, & BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS LEGEND

I hope you try them out!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Double Dog Dare You.

This weekend laugh uncontrollably, sing that embarrassing song you only sing in your car at the top of your lungs even at the red light, wear that push up bra, talk to your puppy like a baby, eat that chocolate cake and DO NOT feel guilty, and for GOODNESS SAKES HAVE FUN!

Happy Weekend!

Here Are Some Blogs I Know You'll Like!

These girls give inspiration, creativity, and entertainment to me every day.  Check them out! I was inspired by the Eat Drink Chic website when planning my own wedding and as a result I created my own party favors with hand made tags tied to old fashion soda pop bottles to give to my guests.  I hope you enjoy them as well!

This summer I hope to come up with more of my own DIY ideas for you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Recreate!

"Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. "

I'm not sure where I got this quote from, but I LOVE IT!  In keeping habit with my intentions to try everything I want to do in life I decided to create a blog after reading some very funny and interesting blogs I've seen lately from some seriously interesting ladies.  About a year ago I decided to start finding new hobbies and reconnecting with some old ones to get out of the same hum drum pace of everyday life.  You know, work, dinner, TV, get the picture.  Some of the new things I tried were guitar lessons after having a perfectly good acoustic guitar sit in my room for more than 10 years . It was a gift from my very talented brother who I've always been jealous could just pick up any music instrument and play with all the AWESOMENESS of a true musician.  It turns out,  if you don't practice like you should your not all that great, and taking piano and guitar lessons at the same time really isn't the best way to learn, but HEY if I ever get serious about it I know the basics.  Now if I could just get callouses on my fingers to stop the pain from the strings.  Even though I'm not what you would call good at it, it was really self fulfilling to take action towards something I always wondered what if. 

Then I decided to get back to art!  I love art and anyone who can make it.  In high school I took art for 3 years and it was the class I looked forward to everyday and Mrs.Cook was my favorite teacher.  I also have some great girlfriends that are ART majors, which I'm so jealous they were smart enough to do, instead of my marketing degree in college, but tis life.  I'm not 1/2 as good as they are, but the thing I love about painting, drawing, writing, etc. is you can create whatever you want and it doesn't matter if everyone thinks its good.  It's about expressing yourself and hey if you can make a buck at it all the better.

So to sum things up.  I look forward to my new experiment with blogging and hope to get better at it.  I hope you enjoy my blogs and I hope you try everything you may be holding back on in life.  Here's to new ideas, recreating yourself, and just letting go without caring what others think. Life is short so make sure you do anything and everything your little heart desires! Salute!