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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Dream Patio Is On It's Way!

These two magazines give me way too many projects! Once I see the cute houses featured in them I'm on a mission to make ours better.  Right now its on its way! Thanks to my employee appreciation today I won $200 which went towards our home improvement project.  :) It's a work in progress, but I think its a good start. Pressure washers are amazing! I wish I had a old picture of what the wood looked like before.

 $100 for winning the best dessert! This is the very cute dirt dessert.
 Layla got to come along for the party!

 Cale and I decided to have date night in with candles and buffalo chicken dip. Mmmm!

Our W for Wagner beer glasses are so cute I had to post a pic. Kirklands
One HAPPY Family.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some pictures never get old...

Our magical wedding night.

Living Vicariously Through My Brother!

My brother and sister in law are living it up on their honeymoon in New Zealand right now and I am living it up through their pics!  I have to share these with you.  Oh the life of my brother......Gotta LOVE him!

Brad is Rad. ha

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let There Be ART!

Tonight me and my hubby went out for a night on the town at the Columbus Museum to support local and surrounding artistsThe art was good and the open bar made it even better! Ha!  I even managed to get my husband out on the dance floor for "Mustang Sally". I saw the peace sign painting by an upcoming artist and wanted to buy it, but Cale told me to wait, but I am pretty sure I'm going back Tuesday to buy it!  It fits my little Hippy Heart.

These shoes are adorable to me and I keep them every time I am cleaning out my closet, but let me tell you, they are NOT comfortable.  Especially, while standing for 2-3 hours on the hard museum floor.
This is one of Cale's cousin's paintings, Teil Duncan..  Isn't it good!  All of her paintings sold.  Go Teil!
 Paintings were anywhere from $200-$30,000.

Beauty Right In Our Backyard

There's no need to go out of town to go hiking or get in touch with nature.  It's right in my back yard! Lake Heath is so Beautiful on days like today and Layla and I can walk straight to Mom and Dad's house to play with Buddy.  What a beautiful Saturday!