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Sunday, March 6, 2011

To have JOY one must share it. (Lord Byron)

A photo has the power to take you back to a single moment in time and remind you of the laughter, feelings, and joy between you and the friend sharing it.  Whether they are behind the lens or smiling there with you a photo can keep alive the bond you share for a lifetime. Take a picture, share the joy, and always remember the moments that make up your life.
 ~ Wendy
Check out these world winning photos at M.I.L.K.'s website and get inspired to make a few memories of your own to cherish . You only live once! Snap! Snap!
Inspired by my little FRIENDSHIP M.I.L.K book I bought in 2008.


  1. your photos are lovely and your pup is too cute!!

  2. Thank you Susan! She is a handful, but I love every minute of it. :)


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