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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Power Of A Story

Okay so I'm not the classic book reader that only sticks to the top sellers at Barnes & Noble.  I like to find a book with character, and yes I must admit, I do judge a book by its cover. I then move on to the comments on the back to see if I'm really interested.  Last year I found this book at Judy Bugs Book store here in Columbus, randomly laying on the ground amongst other piles of books as if it just so happened to be waiting on me.  

It's "The Center of Everything" by Laura Moriarty 
A novel about a young girl starting out at 10 years old growing up in Kansas until she is graduating from High School. She is the narrator and she very vividly thinks out all her realizations of the world, while forming her own opinions of her family, religion, and her own life.   She is unintentionally  funny and her honesty with herself and the way the world is, is extremely relate-able. I absolutely loved it and if you don't believe me Google it!  Before this book I had absolutely no interest in reading books and couldn't fathom why people wanted to waste there time reading, but then it hit me.  I hadn't read anything for my own personal curiosity. Everything I had read before, sadly was just to get a grade in school!  
After that I started reading all these different books, which are not all listed here, but I realized that all of them are by women writing about themselves growing up in different generations and from each one of them I found a piece of them that I understood or could sympathize with.  Some of them opened my eyes to possibilities of why girls I saw growing up acted a certain way and made me not so narrow minded on judging, I hate to say that, them by only comparing what they did to how I was raised. Sadly you take for granted how you were brought up and a lot of times you don't stop and think about the reasons other people act a certain way. 

Like for instance, I read this book just by chance and even though its taboo and in your face it really opened my eyes to circumstances and to depth of people very different from me.  And it has a very positive outcome showing all people can fight through their demons and win.

Now don't get me wrong, I also loved Eat, Pray, Love and even made myself read it before watching the Hit Movie with the lovely Julia Roberts. This will definitely get you thinking about what you truly want to do and have in your life.

And I also enjoyed temporarily living the life of a rock star's wife to George Harrison of the Beetles through Patty Boyd, but I  must admit I got bored when Eric Clapton came in only because I think it was summer and I didn't want to sit through the next 1/2 of the book. Maybe its because she was older then?

Oh and who can forget the Chelsea Handler books that seriously had me and all my girl friends dying laughing at the beach together.  Really?  She is a freaking riot!  I mean these outlandish stories will have you rolling on the floor. I even brought one of these on the plane heading to St. Lucia on my honeymoon and had a girl laughing with me on the beach over this.

Which brings me to my new book of choice that I am sure will bring up a few questions while reading.
This book truthfully just caught my eye because the cover looks like my papers after doodling mindlessly  while waiting on something and my husband was rushing me out of Barnes & Nobles so we could catch a movie that started like ....NOW!  When I got home I read the comments from other authors on the back and realized its a memoir of a strange girl that grew up in the south while dealing with battles of depression, eating disorders, bipolar disease, borderline personality disorder, and attempts at suicide.  She is now a belly dancer and tattoo artist in New York City.  Needless to say....THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING!!

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