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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dollaroma Bowling!!

Yay for HUMP DAY!!!  This means me and my hubby can go bowling for only a $1 a game here in C-Town! ha ha At this rate we are bound to become pro's.  We have made this an unofficial double date night with our best friends for the past 3 weeks and a good excuse to watch the bowling ally people.  There's nothing better than laughing at each other (and your friend's) as you watch them bowl.  Everyone is goofy and everyone does that wierd body reaction, you know the one, when they get done throwing the ball. 

Gutter ball = goofy walk back accompanied with the "oh gah my finger got stuck!"  

Strike = humble walk back trying not to smile if you're a guy (cause your that good) and jumping up and down filled with excitement if you're a girl only to find out no one was looking.  Ha!

Have fun and rock those bowling shoes, but do NOT forget your socks! Gross!


  1. Haha, I went bowling last weekend in Auburn and was better than I thought. Love this post ;) You write so well!

  2. Ha ha Thanks Rachel. It would help if I proof read. This one had about one grammar error every sentence. I'm sure this comment does too! Ha!


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